More than function the design has the power of history, memory, and affective ties. It is this perception-lined with the essence of all the cultural melting pot, that we supply and nourishes the development of projects. The rock-solid foundation of our creation is based on specificity and culture, an identity that resists time and preserves knowledge that lies in community artisans. The handmade, with warmth, prints the stamp of originality of objects and projects.

&made is about the small and delicate. It is about doing things in a more humanly manner, taking time to conceive and nurture projects. We aim in doing projects that have a truly unique take on conventional expectations in terms of lighting and design. Every project is built for a specific use in a specific place and for a specific client.

We distil the essence of ideas, sites, materials and techniques to best express their inherent strengths. This is how we approached all our work and most of all we believe in making projects that have a story behind. It is not only about beautiful proportion or form but about what is felt and experienced. We value works that elicit a sense of emotional response. Just as film and music moves us, space changes behavior, create memories and enriches us.

lighting design process

lighting process


idee lumineuse

idee lumineuse

It's a blink of an eye.

“Bon Dieu mais c'est bien sûr!”

A helping hand and some bright idea for your projects.

A tool and support more than a project strictly speaking.

A little budget but a desire to be different.

At the beginning…

Includes: The Encounter - Research - Create Mood Board - Presentation

light sketch

light sketch

More formal, like a musician going from improvisation to the writing of a piece, we materialize the project.

Includes: The Encounter - Research - Create Concept - Schematic Lighting Layout - Budget estimate



Because it takes time for the chemistry to take place. Antidote is the specific lighting solution for a project.

We like to participate in architectural projects from the very beginning. This early involvement is our blueprint to fully caracterize the concept and theme of our lighting design.

Includes: Concept Design - Schematic Design - Design Development - Tender - Site Supervision - Implementation & Focusing


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